Words said more often than you may think. In today’s age of ever increasing connectivity and integration, smart blinds are not far from becoming the norm. Even IKEA have joined the band-wagon, announcing last week that they will soon be launching a range of voice-activated smart blinds.



    • Smart blinds can help to control the temperature and lighting in an office and keep them at an optimum level.
    • The blinds can often be simply integrated in to the blind management system currently been used or specified.
    • It may be more economical to install smart blinds with sensors that automatically raise and lower, depending on the levels of light and heat.
    • Smart blinds offer security – when on a timer, there is no forgetting to close the blinds before you leave.
    • The staff will love them! Smart blinds are trendy and associated with forward-thinkers.



    • Smartphone operation
    • Operated via voice command such as Alexa or Google Assistant
    • Blind sensors that respond to light and heat levels
    • Integrate the blinds into the building’s management system



    • Leave it to us. Having been in the business of blinds for over 40 years, we consider ourselves experts on the topic. We’re excited about the unlimited possibilities that smart blinds offer and can’t wait to share them with you! Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll tell you how to achieve it.