Help! Our vertical blinds keep breaking!

Why do the bottom chains keep snapping off and the little weights fall out, and then the slats fall down?

Well… vertical blinds are actually pretty fragile and they do need looking after.

If your windows are open much, air movement will make them flap about and is often the main cause of breakages.

Are your window sills actually used like storage cupboards? Any resistance in operation will cause strain and… they break.

They’re not notice boards. We’ve seen classroom displays pegged up on them. Very convenient but expect the blinds to protest!

To avoid breaking chains, you can have your vertical blinds manufactured with ‘sealed in weights’. That means the bottom weights are fully sealed into a pocket in the bottom of each louvre so they can’t fall out. The downside is that the louvres are not restrained by the chains, but it saves hassle and maintenance.

So… they do need caring for. Otherwise, many customers do change from vertical blinds to roller blinds where robustness is needed, or when spares are not available.

Also remember! In a school or any other place where there are children present, are your blinds child safe? Ask us about how to either make the blinds safe or provide you with child safe blinds.