The Unbreakable*
COLLEGE Blind™ is the ultimate strong blind system for all education projects

The Unbreakable* COLLEGE Blind™ System is a maintenance-free blind for teaching areas and large windows. This crank operated blind is extremely robust and comes with strong steel side guide wires as standard which allow stop the blind moving excessively. This blind is built to last, even in the harshest conditions and has a 10 year guarantee.

Unbreakable* COLLEGE Blinds™ are designed to cover wide-span glazing and can be motorised for automatic operation with 11000 Series Control Systems. This is especially needed in school halls, gyms and drama areas where high level ribbon glazing brings light into the space.

Where wiring provision is an issue, the system can be very versatile for high level clerestory windows. The extended detachable crank handle allows a cost effective, safe and controllable solution to northlights, halls and any area which is hard to reach but where retrospective wiring needs to be avoided.

The guide wires and tough fabrics make it totally compatible with naturally ventilated buildings. It is the ultimate blind for the education sector and gives many years of trouble free service.

*For clarification, ‘Unbreakable’ excludes damage from items not normally found in the office/education environment such as demolition equipment etc.

Cromwell Community College, March

Cromwell Community College, March

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Cromwell Community College serves a wide surrounding area and recently underwent a major refurbishment and the addition of teaching space.