High Level Blinds And No Electricity

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Blinds fixed up high are not the easiest to use. Mostly they have to be operated by motors. However, motorised blinds are more expensive than manual blinds. Obviously. It’s not just the cost of the

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The Global Shading Partnership

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InterLace are excited to launch our collaboration in 2020 with the VCP-Network. For almost 45 years, InterLace have been synonymous with high quality and technical solar shading and window furnishing projects across the UK. We

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What Is Anti-Ligature?

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Anti-ligature refers to a solution or product requirement that prevents a ligature from staying secure or fixing point for a ligature to be attached. When fitting out areas for patients suffering from mental illness, it

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Safe Fabrics For Peace Of Mind

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Questions regarding anti-microbial cloth, protection against pathogens and wipe-clean fabrics are becoming more common as blinds and curtains are being specified at a higher level than ever before. What is anti-microbial fabric? Anti-microbial fabric is

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Avoiding Vertical Blind Breakages

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Help! Our vertical blinds keep breaking! Why do the bottom chains keep snapping off and the little weights fall out, and then the slats fall down? Well... vertical blinds are actually pretty fragile and they

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High Performance Sun Control Explained

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Staff are returning to offices, desks have been rearranged to the perimeter of workspace to allow more room, the mercury is rising and the sun feel like it’s a permanent fixture. It’s a headache waiting

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