Possibly. It depends what type of blind they are, because that means how the ‘automation’ (or motorisation) is fitted into the blind, and whether the blind you have is compatible. Below is a ‘rule of thumb’ guide:


Venetian Blinds

The motors are little units which fit inside the ‘headrail’. Often they are 24v and require a transformer from mains to get the right voltage. Venetian blinds which have the standard cords and plastic wand… very sorry but it’s not cost effective to convert. If your blind has a single wand or continuous bead chain controlling both the raise / lower and tilting the blind, you may be in luck. Some of these types can have a motor inserted into the headrail.


Vertical Blinds

Probably the worst! Only very few vertical blinds can be motor operated and these are factory assembled… so basically no.


Roller Blinds

Largely yes. The motors fit inside the metal roller tube which runs through the centre of the blind. There is a wide variety of tubular motors on the market, and also what are called ‘collars’ to fit around the motor to lock it within the tube. Small tubes (less than 30mm) are more unlikely, and the minimum width for a motorised roller blind is around 600mm.


Curtain Tracks

This is unlikely. The only tracks would be where a motorised track section has been installed ‘unmotorised’. The vast majority of tracks won’t be able to have automation retro fitted to them…

If in doubt, ask us. We can also install true automation systems with timers, sun sensors, lux meters and sun-tracking software. Blinds can be automated to pretty much any degree.