Prestigious Private Residence – Cambridge

This residence is located in a central district of a historical city and is a beautifully designed structure. The rear façade is a timber framed area of glazing which allows light into both storeys and opens up the whole living area at the rear of the house. The owner needed a flexible blind system which would allow him

to achieve shading, heat control and glare control at varying points through the day. Internal blinds had been trialed in the past and really cluttered up the interior. The glazing also had internal support struts running horizontally which obstructed internal blinds from functioning in the best way. InterLace then looked at possibilities of using external shading to meet the requirement. This quickly narrowed to one specific system which could reliably operate shaped, and also running sideways to cover triangles. CAD helped achieve the most efficient layout for these blinds. The blind wires are tensioned up the 25kg each and the structure, although perfectly strong enough to stand this, needed bespoke bracketry to pick up on the slim structural members. InterLace designed and managed the manufacture of these brackets. The blinds were protected with a special RAL PPC head box to weatherproof them, the fabric was weather resistant too and was a shade to complement the timber. This installation has been used consistently by the manufacturer as a case study for what can be done with the systems.


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