Movatrack Cubicle Track is an ingenious and hygenic space division system that makes life easier in healthcare

The Movatrack Cubicle Track is an innovative product designed for healthcare and space division. The free-running roller wheel curtain hooks of the Movatrack Cubicle System are a revelation to nursing staff who have grown accustomed to ordinary cubicle track systems.

Movatrack is hygenic with a wipe clean, white powdercoated finish and the removable curtain point is convenient and makes the system HTM66 compliant. It also includes the ability to implement Kestrel Magnetic brackets for anti-ligature strategies in self-harm risk environments.

Even after years of use, curtains on Movatrack will be light and easy to draw, and will not jam, even on bends.

Peterborough PFI Acute
Hospital Brookfield
Multiplex Construction Ltd

Peterborough PFI Acute Hospital

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This was a major £300m scheme for the NHS in the provision of an outstanding new hospital complex in Peterborough.