Blinds fixed up high are not the easiest to use. Mostly they have to be operated by motors.

However, motorised blinds are more expensive than manual blinds. Obviously.

It’s not just the cost of the motor – you also need to get electricity to the blind, and you need a switch to operate it. Which all costs more. And it’s not great if you need to put blinds up at high level in an occupied building, the wiring is difficult to get installed, your budget is limited… and you’re in a hurry.

InterLace College Blinds™ are equipped with a control mechanism which overcomes all of this, and the traditional hassles of long strings and cords. A long rod is fixed from the blind down the wall as far as possible to around 2m above the floor. It’s held tight to the wall by clips so it turns easily. On the end of the handle is a removable section which can be looked after by the authorities! It’s as near as you can get to a ‘teleflex-style’ controlled blind. And you can cover wide, awkward windows with little extra cost over a normal window.


L – Crank handles attach to an anchor point secured to the wall, over 2m above the floor.

R – Once operation is complete, the crank handle can be completely removed, eliminating the risk of unauthorised use.

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