The cleanliness and hygiene of shared or communal spaces such as offices, schools and public buildings is now more important that it has ever been.

Blinds can often be inconspicuous dirt traps hanging in each room, often touched and used by many different people throughout the day.  We’d like to introduce you to our extremely hygienic and yet practical fabrics which are specifically suited to a rigorous disinfection regime:


With a sealed surface, this fabric can be easily wiped clean and is suitable for clinical and high humidity conditions such as hospitals, surgeries, gyms, and laboratories. Add to this the anti-microbial properties and you have the most hygienic fabric in our range which actively reduces the spread of bacteria and infection.  Privacy FR is a tough yet practical, blackout fabric ideal for all areas that require the most hygienic level of shading.


Fabric that allows light through, which is also available with anti-microbial properties. This means that in bright conditions the lights in the room can often be left switched off, conserving energy, whilst still maintaining enough light to work. For additional peace of mind, these blinds can be wiped clean with most disinfectant solutions and mild detergents and left hung open to dry.

For the ultimate control and optimum hygiene levels, why not consider motorised blinds or crank-operated blinds?


  • The handle can be removed meaning just one person is able to operate the blind
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Very strong


  • The blind does not need to be touched
  • Remote controls can be used, or switch on the wall
  • The blind lasts longer as no one touches it

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