Amy sits somewhere between sales and marketing, supporting the teams with key projects. She turns her hand to any task with great willingness which consequently means… she does most things from web design to quotes to samples to anything thrown at her! Takes clear desk policies to the nth degree. Rarely seen without a cup of Earl Grey. Serial doodler.

More About Amy

Q: Describe your average day.

  • A combination of sales and marketing: following up quotes and revising them based on feedback, prepping fabric samples and researching sales opportunities, alongside project management of new sales resources including websites, creating content and social media.

Q: If you weren’t at work, where would you be?

  • Somewhere warm and outdoors.

Q: What do you consider to be the world’s greatest invention?

  • My mom.

Q: Fun fact!

  • Today in the UK we will consume 165 million cups of tea. ☕

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