Nicolas is an important part of our sales team. He specialises in coming up with practical solutions to seemingly impossible situations and goes the extra mile to satisfy clients; whether it be constructing life-size mock-ups or working a night-shift! Nicolas is also known for taking the office from the sublime to the ridiculous in a matter of mere moments. Often goes by his alias: Nick.

More About Nicolas

Q: Describe your average day.

  • Prospecting for new projects, searching for new contacts, following up quotes, going out to meet potential clients, working on site, phoning, taking photos of completed projects, emailing, surveying, eating, talking – in no particular order, possibly not all on the same day –  you get the idea?

Q: If you weren’t at work, where would you be?

  • I’d like to say something amazing here, but going by recent history, probably at home DIY-ing.

Q: What do you consider to be the world’s greatest invention?

  • It has to be electricity. I mean, we’re all going to need it for our cars soon.

Q: Fun fact!

  • ‘Go.’ This is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. (Not ‘No.’ apparently, as no is not a verb).

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