The government has released some very useful guidance in the past couple of weeks relating to getting our workplaces, schools, sites and similar facilities ready for the going back into some semblance of normalcy while respecting the social distancing guidelines. A theme that we have seen repeated in these documents is the idea of natural ventilation.

With regards to school buildings, the advice is:

“Where possible, all spaces should be well ventilated using natural ventilation (opening windows) or ventilation units.

For offices and work-spaces, it has been suggested to:

“Open windows and doors frequently to encourage ventilation, where possible.”

The problem then becomes the blinds. Open windows lead to blinds flapping, creating unwanted noise, reducing the effectiveness of the shading and potentially leading to the blind being damaged.

So how do you increase ventilation and yet still use the blinds?


  • Identify which windows you want to have open and how much glare and discomfort comes in through those windows affecting the staff nearby.
  • Check your blinds can work without damage, or distracting rattling with windows open behind them, and change / adapt where possible. This could be with side guide wires, a more robust operation such a crank handles, or swapping out for weather-proof fabrics.
  • Refer to our handy free whitepaper – click here to view!
  • Ask InterLace to assess your blinds and premises and supply a free report on how to maximise ventilation while ensuring you maintain sufficient shading for staff.