Taxation Compliance

Transparency, Honesty and Integrity make InterLace an easy project partner. We work with our clients to ensure the necessary compliance for taxation and traceability.

VAT registration
CIS scheme registered with UTR references
Agreement with self-billing procedures
Health and Safety Responsibility

InterLace makes Health & Safety its top priority. This is not just how we care for our team but how we conduct and operate our services when working on your project. We employ one of the UK’s top consultancy practices to monitor us and ensure continual compliance.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

InterLace believes in a culture of continuous quality improvement that provides you with something very simple – what you need. Our structured project management system ensures compliance and accountability and we have full ISO 9001 registration to enable us to meet our quality goals.

ISO 14001 Environmental Responsibility Management

InterLace believe in minimising the impression on the global environment and conforming in all aspects to the applicable standards and current legislation. It saves the environment, time, resources and ultimately money which is good for everyone and we have full ISO 14001 registration to enable us to reduce our environmental impact.

To help ensure that this is the case, we are continually looking for new ways to reduce our impact and especially managing waste disposal in a way that makes use of all present recycling channels.

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