Questions regarding anti-microbial cloth, protection against pathogens and wipe-clean fabrics are becoming more common as blinds and curtains are being specified at a higher level than ever before.

What is anti-microbial fabric?

Anti-microbial fabric is treated in a way which permanently kills and inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria. This helps to keep your fabric smelling great and reducing the risk of potentially harmful pathogens growing within your fabric, without compromise to the handle or face of the fabric.

The good news is that InterLace offer a wide variety of fabrics for both blinds and curtains that include an extra layer of protection that assists in preventing the spread of viruses, fungus and bacteria. Fabrics are durable and cleanable, making them a good choice with increased cleaning and disinfectant regimes.

For example, Privacy FR fabric a technically advanced fabric developed for complete light exclusion. Its wipe-clean easy maintenance and Biosafe® anti-bacterial properties makes this range ideal for specification and use across a broad scope of projects, particularly:

  • AV Rooms and boardrooms
  • Laboratories and school science and drama rooms
  • Medical and healthcare institutions

Safe fabrics don’t mean a clinical feel. We can offer a range of commercial fabrics that have been carefully treated to offer maximum protection without comprising on aesthetics.

Ask InterLace for assistance in selecting fabrics that offer peace of mind whilst achieving the look you’ve designed.