The Sherard Building is a newly refurbished purpose-built facility at the heart of the Oxford Science Park community; a hub for pioneering science and innovation. Working with SDC Builders Ltd, the Sherard Building project was a fantastic opportunity for InterLace to demonstrate our versatility and innovation when dealing with “out-of-the-box” situations.

In this case, the only fixing point for the blinds was directly onto the curtain walling. However, the install needed to be completed with an alternative fixing method as, on the client’s request, the blinds couldn’t be fitted to the curtain walling using conventional mechanical fixings.

We trialled several fixing methods, experimenting fixing directly to PPC aluminium in our workshop and supplying an “as built” sample (within a week) before signing off a unique solution with the client.

The product supplied is the UK manufactured Aluzion Dolomite Blind System; a high quality, tough and durable, side guides + cassette system with a 12-year guarantee. The blind is also available in custom hardware colours and a full blackout option.

This solution met all the clients needs, and due to the long product life cycle, will also ensure that blinds will be maintenance free and hassle free with no need for repair or replacement for many years to come. Kinder on the users and kinder on the environment!

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Photos courtesy of The Oxford Science Park and InterLace Blinds Ltd.