Many people don’t realise the extent to which motorised blinds can be utilised throughout projects and the benefits of specifying them. With such a huge range of options, controls and endless possibilities, motorised blinds can often seem complex and baffling. We’ve simplified it into our 10 top reasons for specifying motorised blinds.

The obvious benefits are:

  1. Ease of use and accessibility for all users.
  2. Child-safe and tamper proof as no cords or chains and controls can be removed.
  3. Keeps a uniform appearance internally and externally with automatic hem bar alignment.
  4. High level blinds or large spans of glazing where manual blinds will be difficult or impossible to operate.
  5. Modern, functional and convenient with a variety of control options such
  6. as wall switch, remote control and app controlled.

Long-term and cost-saving benefits:

  1. Connect to a building management system (BMS) so blinds automatically rise and lower at pre-determ
  2. ined times or situations for effortless shading and security.
  3. Utilise weather stations that ‘speak’ to the blinds, automatically raising, lowering or tilting depending on weather conditions and the amount of sunlight.
  4. Link to a building’s heating and cooling systems meaning that the blinds will raise and lower to allow for natural ventilation, block unwanted heat gain and decrease energy consumption.
  5. Help developers and clients meet BREEAM requirements and reducing their carbon footprint by increase energy efficiency.
  6. Blinds can be controlled remotely meaning settings can be overridden from anywhere, faster troubleshooting and futureproofing.


We would love to discuss your project with you in more detail, starting with what would like to achieve and working back to dynamic automated system customised to your requirements.