Anti-ligature refers to a solution or product requirement that prevents a ligature from staying secure or fixing point for a ligature to be attached.

When fitting out areas for patients suffering from mental illness, it is essential to eliminate parts where a rope, cord or sheet can be tied or looped to a fixture in order to create a point of ligature, which could result in significant self harm or in extreme cases, loss of life. Many standard blinds and curtain/cubicle tracks do not offer this level of safety and alternative products must be used. InterLace have a range of products which reach the same function, yet provide a safe environment for both patients and staff.


Kestrel Divider Track:

This cubicle divider track system uses magnetic wall-fix brackets where the tracks meet the wall, and magnetic top-fix brackets where suspension hangers meet the ceiling. This ensures that, under excess load, the suspension hanger separates from the ceiling bracket leaving no remaining points of ligature.


Kestrel Window Curtain Track:

The Kestrel window curtain track has a robust aluminium profile suitable for medium to heavy curtains, and can be wall fixed or faced fixed depending on the situation. It’s low friction runners make hand-drawing the curtains easy, negating the need for cords. A magnetic bracket system means that under abnormal load, the track and curtains will quickly drop. It is very important that the complete tracks collapses leaving no point of ligature – even where a fixed track provides no ligature points, heavy weights can be suspended from the curtain which causes a new set of risks.


Anti-ligature Roller Blinds:

With a vandal resistant mechanism and a magnetic detachable crank handle, this blind offers complete safety where cords are a threat. The fabric is locked into the barrel and bottom bar, supported by sturdy metal brackets and fitted to a white aluminium back bar, secured by magnetic brackets for 100% fail-safe anti-ligature functionality.


Load release anti-ligature systems using powerful shortrange magnetic attraction are a simple yet effective way of reducing or eliminating ligature risks. Unlike similar plastic systems, it can be used time and time again with no maintenance and no decline in performance.